CRY originally formed in 1985 and blazed a musical trail of enthusiasm and passion over practicality and common sense across the U.K. for 3 years. Their brand of sleazed up rock was met by eager fans keen to follow their good time party approach. They revelled in the band’s exciting energy and creative musical vibes.

CRY met with much critical acclaim, featuring regularly in Kerrang, Metal Hammer and other rock magazines of the time.  They featured on an Ebony Records compilation album, 'Metal Collection II' and released two popular singles, ‘Crazy Days Crazy Nights / Party After Dark’ and the most successful, satirically titled, ‘Give Her An Ice Cream And Watch Her Melt’ / 'Star'. These songs can be freely downloaded for anyone wishing to ‘remember the good times’ or those who like to listen to music from other eras. Download here.

cry debut album cd

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